A range of optional accessories to extend the functionality of our seating solutions


Spectator Seating Accessories
Spectator Seating Accessories
Spectator Seating Accessories



Armrests can be moulded in any colour to match or contrast your seating choice. They are popular at longer duration events such as motorsport, cricket and baseball. Armrests are also used to provide more comfort and distinguish upgraded seating sections.

Upholstered Pads

The addition of upholstered seat and back pads to create club or VIP areas provide a better spectator experience while at the same time allowing for increased ticket revenue. Our upholstered pads are extremely weather proof and easily retro fitted or replaced in the event of damage.


The introduction of the cupholder to new or existing seating again provides the spectator with an improved experience with the ability to safely hold their drinks which avoids spillages and the resulting sticky terraces.


Our hinged press desks allow easy access through the terraces for journalists and are all individual units enabling any area to be designated for press in the event of big games and then removed and stored returning the area to general admission .

We are also able to provide complete press rooms with continuous press tables and tiered flooring if required.

A selection of our seat installations enhanced with accessories