Spectator Seating is a UK based company specializing in the supply and installation of a range of seats to meet the requirements of all sport venues.

The SYS95 two piece, self tipping, polypropylene seat being our most popular for general spectator use and then a range of upholstered seats to suit every requirement from VIP Light through to Executive Boxes.The SYS18 as been introduced to offer replacement plastics for most of our competitors seats.

The BS17 offers the option of standing or seating subject to licensing approval.

Our in house facilities allow us to design and produce Stadium Specific Units to suit every type and configuration of structure thus ensuring the best possible installation for a long maintenance free usage.

We are also able to offer Autocad Layouts to maximise the seating in the available areas whilst complying with your requirements. Our seating is produced to the highest standards to ensure longevity in order to maximise the return on your investment and at the end of its useful life all materials used are fully recyclable.

You will see from our Contracts List that our seating is used worldwide and through the complete range of sports including:- Football, Rugby, Cricket, Baseball, Athletics, Ice Rinks, Swimming Pools, Horse Racing and virtually every other situation where spectator seating is required. You will also note that we have returned many times to the same stadiums to improve and increase their capacity.